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Provincial Economic and Information Technology Department inspector Ling Yun came to investigate

Issuing time:2020-09-05 08:44Author:寧波中意液壓馬達

On July 30, the provincial economic and information technology department level inspector Ling Yun, the provincial economic and information technology department investment office two researcher Tu Guofu, the provincial economic and information technology department economic operation of deputy director Chen Bo, the provincial industrial and information technology hospital vice president Wang Guoyong and his party to visit the company's research.

Ling Yun and his party visited the company's digital workshop, accompanied by general manager Cai Guoding, and learned about the operation of the digital workshop. In the next forum, Lingyun listened carefully to Mr. Cai's development plan about the company's 3-5 years to build a 5G+ smart factory, and expressed affirmation and appreciation for Mr. Cai's confidence and boldness. Lingyun pointed out that information management is the most scientific management mode, automatic production is the most economical mode of production, intelligent is the combination of automation and informationization, the ultimate goal of the human production mode, intelligent transformation can not be achieved overnight, but should be constantly upgraded iteration. Lingyun further suggested and required that the company should rely on the progress of science and technology, we should constantly improve the technical content of products, develop high-end hydraulic motors and enhance the added value of products. At the same time to actively expand the application areas of the products, to move towards the "national first, the world's leading" goal of unremitting efforts.

City by letter bureau deputy director Yao Kejun, city by letter bureau of economic operation of the deputy director of Yu Jun, Zhenhai District Deputy Mayor Huang Xianghua, accompanied by research.

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