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Issuing time:2021-09-24 11:28Author:寧波中意液壓馬達有限公司

Since the establishment of the company, Ningbo Zhongyi Hydraulic Motor Co., Ltd. has been committed to public welfare, has made outstanding contributions to building a harmonious society, and has become a model for private enterprises to practice social responsibility.

Beginning in 2019, Ningbo Zhongyi Hydraulic Motor Co., Ltd. established the “Ningbo Zhongyi Left behind Children’s Home and Needy Students Funding Program Special Fund” in Guangyuan City Education Foundation, Sichuan Province. The fund was initially set at 1 million yuan. Donated 200,000 yuan to build "left behind children's homes" for two rural schools in Guangyuan City and subsidized poor students. The project is dynamically managed every year and has been implemented for five consecutive years, supporting a total of 10 rural small scale schools to implement charitable education aid projects. The implementation of this project solves the problem of insufficient facilities in the homes for left behind children in weak rural schools in Guangyuan City, and ensures that the love activities are rich and colorful; and it is conducive to the cultivation of students' sentiments and all-round development; it is conducive to nurturing students' charity and love and transmitting positive energy.

Chairman Cai Guoding's personal achievements have also been recognized by superiors and all sectors of society, and successively won the "Ningbo Charity Award", "Ningbo Glorious Star", "2006~2008 Zhenhai District Worker Model", and "Zhenhai District Excellent "Party of the Communist Party", "Economic Man of Zhenhai District in the Thirty Years of Reform and Opening up", "Advanced Individual in Zhenhai District with Talents and Talents", "Honorable Star", "Love Ambassador" and other honorary titles.

"Being charitable and helping the poor are the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation. Mutual help and support in adversity are the new trend of the society. I think every entrepreneur should have a sense of social responsibility. A society's public welfare and charity is indispensable to the government's functions. Lack of supplement and support. We are engaged in philanthropy, whether it is to society, to individuals or to our group, what we donate is not only material assistance, but also warmth to the whole society." Chairman Cai Guoding said. In the future, the foundation will continue to expand the spirit of “starting from strength, reaching from goodness; taking society and repaying society”, and continue to strive to achieve sustainable development of the enterprise and society.

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