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Since the establishment of the company, Ningbo Zhongyi Hydraulic Motor Co., Ltd. has been committed to public welfare, has made outstanding contributions to building a harmonious society, and has b...
On November 3-6, 2020, the 25th Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition (abbreviated as:...
On the morning of August 12, the city's military order to build a single champion city in the manufacturing industry was...
On July 30, the provincial economic and information technology department level inspector Ling Yun, the provincial econo...
In the afternoon of July 7, Wang Jianshe, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, ...
According to the company's financial data in June 2020, the company achieved sales of $29.91 million in June, the compan...
Recently, the Ningbo Science and Technology Project "Development and Industrialization of New Type Emulsion Motor Based ...
In the afternoon of July 13, 2020, Qiu Dongyao, Deputy Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Ningbo...
After two years of elaborate construction, the project of digital workshop of Ningbo Zhongyi Hydraulic Motor Co.Ningbo Z...
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4 Reasons to choose us
Motor one-stop service provider for excellent industrial bearings
Strict production process
Recognized by many well-known companies in the world
Many specifications and complete varieties
It can meet all kinds of needs and help you purchase easily!
Scale advantage, production capacity guarantee
Focus on customization and production of high-quality hydraulic motors
Professional solution, high-end customization
A strong team of engineers, professional, worry-free and fast
The company has first-class professional and technical personnel, through strict production process control, to continuously deliver high-quality products to customers, the company's excellent and enthusiastic team provides customers with qualified products and professional technical services.
Products can be widely used in mining and construction engineering machinery, lifting and transportation equipment, heavy metallurgical machinery, machine tools, light industry, plastic machinery, geological drilling equipment, agricultural and forestry machinery, mineral machinery, lawn mowers, machine tools, and other machinery In the hydraulic transmission system.
The company was founded in 1971. After half a century of development, the company has an annual production capacity of 400,000 units of various motors. It is currently one of the largest national high-tech enterprises specializing in the production of hydraulic motors.
Design special performance, non-standard structure motors for you, and formulate problem solutions. Through the third-party inspections of many brand group customers, product development, product quality, order delivery, service follow-up, etc. are effectively guaranteed.
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